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Das, Souvik  
       adding product information to  
       adding tier fields to  
       building dynamic storefronts  
       capturing customer information with IPN  
       delivering digital goods with return pages  
       donor lists, displaying  
       inserting cart details into  
       inserting payment details into, using IPN  
       keeping track of subscribers  
       tracking eBay products with IPN  
       using in PayPal hacks  
       adding event handlers  
       displaying results in   2nd  
DataSource property, setting  
DataTable, returning  
Debit Bar feature  
debit cards
       funding payments with  
       lowering seller fees by using  
       retrieving PayPal funds with  
       virtual, paying with  
        withdrawing money from ATMs  
deposits made by PayPal to confirm accounts  
desktop applications, building  
details of transactions
       viewing   2nd  
Developer Central
       Sandbox environment  
       setting up an account  
diagnosing IPN processing problems  
digital certificates
       creating your own handler  
       obtaining before going live  
digital fulfillment  
digital goods
       avoiding chargebacks when selling  
       delivering with IPN  
       delivering with return pages  
       overriding shipping/handling preferences for  
       selling with PayLoadz  
discount coupons , offering  
discount rates vs. merchant rates  
dispute resolutions , online  
disputed payments
       handling effectively  
       protecting yourself from  
Donate Button (Payment Wizard)  
Donate Now button  
       accepting donations  
       displaying donation goals on web sites  
Donation button, obfuscating button code for  
       building page for  
       creating buttons for  
       donor lists, displaying  
       encouraging more  
       goals, displaying  
       suggested giving levels  
       displaying lists of  
       getting required information about  
Dornfest, Rael  
downgrading Premier/Business accounts  
Download My History feature  
       link to  
       using WebAssist PayPal eCommerce Toolkit with  
drop-down lists
       creating user controls  
       using .NET Payment Controls  
       providing purchase options  
       working with Dreamweaver and PayPal  
duplicate transactions  
Dutch funding sources for PayPal  
dynamic storefronts
       adding product details to  
       creating databases for  
       generating button code for templates  
       inserting product images in  
       linking to other web pages  

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PayPal Hacks
PayPal Hacks
ISBN: 0596007515
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 169

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