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C/C++, encrypting Buy Now button with  
calculating seller fees  
cancel_return variable  
       unclaimed payments  
Card Verification Value (CVV), unavailable with virtual debit card  
cash back from PayPal, when using debit card  
categorizing web pages, based on content  
cc (currency) transaction parameter   2nd  
cell phones, paying from  
.cer (PKCS12) files
       converting text files into  
       exporting certificates as  
cert_key_pem.txt file  
               creating your own handler  
               obtaining before going live  
       .p12, installing into Internet Explorer  
               converting text files into .cer files, using OpenSSL  
               generating from Sandbox  
CertLocation property (API wrapper class)  
Chargeback Department at PayPal  
       with digital goods, avoiding  
       importance of timing   2nd  
       protecting yourself from  
       reducing risks of   2nd  
       responses to receiving  
Checkout button  
checkout process
       customizing   2nd  
       simplifying, by streamlining purchase buttons  
checks from PayPal, limitations on receiving  
Chen, May  
ChiliSoft ASP  
claims, filed by buyers  
Click event of Payment Controls, avoiding single-form limitation  
client-side JavaScript for processing coupons  
client-side scripting  
cmdDetails button  
cn variable  
code tampering, preventing   2nd  
       with encryption  
colors not allowed in custom pages  
Component Inspector feature (Macromedia)  
Conery, Rob  
       purchases to customers by email  
       Sandbox email addresses  
Continue buttons on Payment Sent pages  
Continue Shopping button, displaying  
contributors to political campaigns , getting required information about  
conversion rate, measuring  
       magic, used for checking valid subscribers  
       personal information and  
       setting for tiers  
       tracking buyers with  
count_inventory variable  
CountDonated variable  
coupons, discount  
credit cards
       accepting payments of  
       adding to PayPal accounts  
       chargebacks, protecting yourself from  
       discouraging customer use of  
       forgotten passwords and  
       funding payments with  
       Personal accounts and  
       setting identifying strings on statements  
       stolen, repercussions of using  
cross-border payment fees  
cryptographic keys, encrypting buttons with  
cs variable  
       incompatible with Custom Payment Pages  
currency   [See also money]
       avoiding currency conversions  
        bogus , accepting payments in  
       foreign, accepting payments in  
       searching for transactions by  
       support for subscriptions funded by multiple currencies  
currency (cc) transaction parameter   2nd  
currency_code variable  
custom checkout page styles
       header banners, getting the most from  
       using multiple  
Custom Payment Pages  
custom variable   2nd  
       Aggregate Cart feature  
       tracking sales using  
Customer Service, contacting  
       capturing information with IPN  
       getting to know  
       identifying yourself to  
       offering discount coupons  
       paying seller fees when buying   2nd  
       protection when shipping goods to  
       returning to web pages, after making purchases  
       sending purchase confirmation email  
               before/after PayPal transactions  
               site visitors  
CVV (Card Verification Value), unavailable with virtual debit card  

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PayPal Hacks
PayPal Hacks
ISBN: 0596007515
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 169

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