Creating Text Effects

To create an animation using the built-in text effects, open a new animation in Animation Shop (choose File, New) and choose Effects, Insert Text Effects. Text effects , or text transitions , are transformations involving text. For example, you can cause text to appear to wave in the wind. In the Insert Text Effect dialog box, you can add text and choose an effect (see Figure 44.9).

Figure 44.9. The Insert Text Effect dialog box.


Of course, you can create your own text animations, using Paint Shop Pro to create the text frames and then importing the frames into Animation Shop. You might want to play around with some of the built-in effects to see what's possible, though.

Certainly, if you want truly spectacular results, you'll want to create your frames in Paint Shop Pro. You can actually create a multilayered image in Paint Shop Pro and use the layers as frames for an animation. This technique enables you to create the best animations for your Web pages, you'll see in the next chapter.

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