Part 5. Making Hyperlinks

You've seen links ”they're the things in a Web page that you can click to visit a different page, or to initiate an action such as a file download.

Although in some ways links might seem like one of the more technical aspects of a Web page, they're surprisingly easy to create in FrontPage 2003. The only tricky part is deciding where you want a link to lead; the rest is a piece of cake.

In this part, you'll learn what links are, how they work, and how to link from your pages to other pages on the Internet, to files, and to email addresses. You'll also learn the basics of linking from one of your own pages to another of your own pages ”the kind of linking that forms a multipage Web site. (Keep in mind that when you create and manage a FrontPage Web site, you gain access to an array of tools for easily linking all the pages in your Web site. You'll learn about those in Part 9.)

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