Part 4. Dressing Up Your Text

From changing the size and color of text, to adding common emphasis effects such as bolding and italics, you can do a lot with text in FrontPage. Depending on how you approach your page, you might need all ”or none ”of the text-formatting techniques in this part. For example, if you use a template to create your Web page and just replace the text that's there, the text is preformatted, and you can leave the formatting alone if you're happy with it. In addition, if you choose a theme, you'll find that you can do most or all of your text formatting simply by selecting a style (see "Choosing the Style of a Paragraph" later in this part) for each paragraph.

But as your confidence grows, you'll probably want ever-increasing control of text formatting so that you can tune and tailor the look of your text to your precise requirements. In this part, you'll explore all the ways you can change the look of text ”from the simple to the sublime.

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Easy Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
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