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  1. We can write a procedure in a number of ways according to our coding priorities. Try to write a procedure that tells you the delivery day for corn syrup (the second Wednesday of every month) for a given year and month. Now rewrite the procedure so that it is optimized for:

    • Real execution speed

    • Maintainability

    • Reusability

  2. Create a form and place a button on it. Now write a procedure that prints to the debug window the number of fields and records in each table in the database when the button is clicked. Now add a gauge to the status bar to display the progress of this operation.

  3. List the following:

    • Six ways of reducing memory overhead

    • Five ways of increasing execution speed

    • Three finishing touches that can improve performance

      Now take a database that you have previously created and see if you can apply any of these techniques to it. Measure the before and after performance to see how well you have done!

team lib

Beginning Access 2002 VBA
Beginning Access 2002 VBA (Programmer to Programmer)
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