Make a Backup Copy of the Current Window

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Close and Save All but the Active Document

Sometimes it would be nice just to clear the desktop by closing all windows but the active window. The following procedure will do that for you. It uses the Documents collection and compares the names of the documents to the name of the current document before determining whether or not to close the window.

    Public Sub CloseAllButCurrentWindow()      Dim i As Integer      Dim sCurrWin As String = oVB.ActiveDocument.Name      Debug.WriteLine(sCurrWin)      With oVB          On Error Resume Next          For i = .Documents.Count To 1 Step -1              If .Documents.Item(i).Name <> sCurrWin Then                 If Not .Documents.Item(i).Saved Then                        .Documents.Item(i).Close(vsSaveChanges                           .vsSaveChangesYes)                 Else                        .Documents.Item(i).Close(vsSaveChanges                           .vsSaveChangesNo)                 End If              End If          Next      End With    End Sub

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