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Retrieve a Whole Procedure from a Code Editor Window

The following code retrieves a whole procedure from a module. The function expects that the cursor lies somewhere within the procedure to be retrieved. You can find this code in the Utilities class in the code for Chapter 12. It uses the TextSelection and EditPoint objects. It will retrieve any comments that immediately precede the procedure definition line.

   Public Function GetWholeProc() As String     Dim ts As TextSelection = oVB.ActiveWindow().Selection     Dim ep As EditPoint = ts.ActivePoint.CreateEditPoint     Dim sLine As String     Dim i As Integer     Dim sCommentChar As String     Try        sCommentChar = Me.GetCommentCharForDoc(oVB.ActiveDocument)        sCommentChar = Left(sCommentChar, 1)        If sCommentChar = "/" Then           If Len(ts.Text) = 0 Then              MsgBox("For a C#/C++ project you must select                  the whole proc.")              Return ""           End If        End If        ' if the user has selected the whole proc,        ' then just return it        ' otherwise select it for them...        If Len(ts.Text) > 0 Then           If (InStr(1, ts.Text, "Sub ", 1) > 0 Or _              InStr(1, ts.Text, "Function ", 1) > 0) And _              (InStr(1, ts.Text, "End Sub", 1) > 0 Or _              InStr(1, ts.Text, "End Function", 1) > 0) _              Then              Return ts.Text           End If           GoTo SelectTheProc        Else   SelectTheProc:           " Get the start of the proc           ep.MoveToPoint(ep.CodeElement(EnvDTE.vsCMElement.               vsCMElementFunction).GetStartPoint               (vsCMPart.vsCMPartWhole))           ' move selection start point to top of proc           ts.MoveToPoint(ep, False)           ' back up to previous line looking for comments           i = 0           Do             ep.LineUp()             ts.MoveToPoint(ep, False)             ts.SelectLine()             sLine = ts.Text             If Left(Trim(sLine), 1) <> sCommentChar Then                ep.LineDown()                ts.MoveToPoint(ep, False)                Exit Do             End If             i = i + 1           Loop           ' if the count of comment lines > 0 the           ' ts point is set properly           ' else we must move it back to the original           ep.LineDown(i + 1)           ' move to bottom of proc           ep.MoveToPoint(ep.CodeElement(EnvDTE.vsCMElement.                vsCMElementFunction).GetEndPoint(                vsCMPart.vsCMPartWhole))           ' select the proc           ts.MoveToPoint(ep, True)           Return ts.Text         End If       Catch e As System.Exception          System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox.Show(               "You must either select " & _               "the whole procedure or your cursor must be                within the procedure " & _               "to be selected. " & e.Message)          Return ""       End Try   End Function

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Writing Add-Ins for Visual Studio  .NET
Writing Add-Ins for Visual Studio .NET
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