Deploying your ASP.NET Application

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The beauty of this section, and deploying .NET applications is in its simplicity. It's so easy I dare not over-describe it or you might interpret my babble as something complicated. All I can say is that in five years you'll be telling younger programmers, "I remember when we used to have to register those components with our bare hands "

Assembly Deployment: \bin

Drop your compiled assemblies into your application's \bin directory and well, that's it. Your assemblies already have their own metadata and you don't need regsvr32 to register your components. You'll notice that as you "Build and Browse" your application in VS.NET, it is automatically recompiling your assemblies and dropping them in the /bin directory so all you really need to do is go get them. Just make sure you've got your /global.asax, your web.config, and your /bin and you're done.

What If I Need to Update My DLL?

If your application needs a newer version of a compiled component, whatever you do, do not stop the Web server! Otherwise, you won't be able to see your application automatically update itself while it's running. As we mentioned earlier, all you or your server administrator will need to do is install the new file(s) over the old.

It's just as easy to delete an application. You don't have to worry about un-registering all of your apps' dependencies. Just highlight, and delete.

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