The following list details the Annotation, Measuring, and Navigation tools:

  • Notes (N): Click and drag with this tool to create a virtual sticky note for the image (see Figure 3.12). When you're finished typing the text of the annotation, click the close button on the note. Drag the note around by clicking and dragging the note's icon. Open the note by double-clicking it. Change the note's color in the Options bar. Notes are nonprinting elements.

    Figure 3.12. The Notes and Audio Annotation tools.

  • Audio Annotation (N): Select this tool and click in the canvas to create an audio recording. Speak into the computer's microphone to record your comments about the design and when finished, click Stop to finish recording. Drag the speaker icon to position your annotation anywhere in the canvas.

  • Eyedropper (I): Use the Eyedropper tool (see Figure 3.13) to click and add a color from an image into the foreground color swatch in the toolbox. Open the Color and Info palettes to see the CMYK or RGB color values live as you click and drag across the canvas.

    Figure 3.13. The Eyedropper, Color Sampler, and Measure tools.

  • Color Sampler (I): Click in the image with the Color Sampler tool and get up to four separate color values. A crosshairs icon is placed on the image wherever the Color Sampler is used. Click and drag the crosshairs icon to reposition them elsewhere in the canvas. Open the Info palette to see the four sampled color values.

  • Measure (H): Click, hold, and drag this tool across the canvas to create a measurement line. Hold down the Shift key to draw a straight horizontal, vertical, or 45-degreeangle line. Open the Info palette for line distances.

  • Hand (H): Use the Hand tool to move your view of the canvas when you have zoomed in on the canvas. This is helpful when you are working on tiny areas across most of your entire image. To access the Hand tool quickly, press and hold the space bar; the Hand tool remains accessible until you let go of the space bar.

  • Zoom (Z): Use the Zoom tool to zoom in and out of the canvas. Hold down the Alt key (in Windows) or the Option key (on the Mac) to zoom out. For zooming using only the keyboard, press Ctrl++ to zoom in in Windows (-+ on the Mac) or Ctrl+- to zoom out in Windows (on the Mac). Use the Navigator palette for more controls for zooming your image.

Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
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