When you need to keep records of a review process Acrobat gives you the option to export and save comments made to a PDF. Comments can be exported in different ways.

Click on the Comments tab Options pop-up menu and select Export Comments. You have three options:

  • To File: Create a FDF file containing the comments. This file can be opened with Acrobat or imported into another PDF using Acrobat.

  • To Word: Open MS Word, choose a Word file, and import the comments into that file. This option is useful if you create your PDF off a Word file and use the PDF for the reviewing process. Importing the comments into the Word file makes it easier to edit it.

  • To AutoCAD: Similar to the To Word optionif the PDF is generated off an AutoCAD file, you can use the To AutoCAD option to open AutoCAD and import the comments into the original AutoCAD file.

You can also create a new PDF document that displays the comments in separate pages (see Figure 42.23). This option uses the settings found in the Print with Comments Summary dialog (choose File, Print with Comments Summary to display this dialog).

Figure 42.23. You can generate a new PDF that displays the comments listed side by side with the page they belong to.

Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
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