Use a site sample as a template to base your website on. GoLive comes with a number of samples for a variety of categories, as shown in Figure 40.14. You can also create your own sample sites (formerly called site templates) by saving files into any subfolder under Adobe GoLive CS2/Settings/DocumentStore/Sites. If nothing else, the site samples can help you to understand how to set up certain features used by popular websites.

Figure 40.14. Select a site sample to base your new website on.

To create a site:


Choose File, New to display the New dialog, and then click Site in the first column and any samples choice in the second column.


After you select a site sample for copying, click the Next button and enter a site name for your new website, along with a path to where you want to save the files, as shown in Figure 40.15.

Figure 40.15. Give your new site a name and tell GoLive where to copy the site files to.


Click Finish and your new site based on a site sample appears in the Files tab of the Site window, as shown in Figure 40.16.

Figure 40.16. The Files tab contains the files from the site sample and any folder hierarchy.


Double-click the home page (index.html) to open the home page so that you can modify it to your specifications, as shown in Figure 40.17.

Figure 40.17. Modify the file(s) included in the site sample to customize them to your requirements.

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