Most people use InDesign to set up files for printing, but there are obviously many options that deal with document navigation in a way that is very web-like. Because of that, you might want to design documents in InDesign and then repurpose them for the web by exporting them to GoLive.

First, let's look at what happens to your documents when you package them for GoLive:

  • Text stories are converted to XML files and saved with the extension .incd.

  • Character and paragraph styles are converted to CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

  • Linked objects are packaged with the fileif they are placed images or graphics, they are converted to TIFFs.

  • Nonprinting objects are not included in the package.

To package a file, select File, Package for GoLive. Browse to the location where you want to save the package, name it, and click Package. You can also select Package for GoLive from the Book palette menu if you'd like to package an entire book. The dialog shown in Figure 31.15 opens.

Figure 31.15. You can repurpose documents and create web pages when you export them to GoLive.

Choose from the following options in the Pages section of the Package for GoLive dialog:

  • All packages everything in the document.

  • Range enables you to enter a range of pages to package.

  • Selection packages anything you have selected on the page.

  • Include Hidden Layers packages items on hidden layers.

If you want to view the package after it is exported, select the View Package When Complete option.

Choose how the file should be encoded. This choice must match how your GoLive web page is encoded.

Choose to package Original Images to copy graphics files as they are, or select Formatted Images to copy them as they are in the InDesign document. An example of a formatted image is including only the cropped area of a placed image.

You can package only InDesign CS2 documents for use with GoLive CS2.

If you placed movies or sounds in your document, you can choose to copy them with your files.

The package that's created contains a file with the extension .idpkan XML file that tells GoLive how the page should be created. A PDF shows the layout of the document, and content can be dragged from the PDF to the GoLive page. An Assets folder contains folders for stories, images, formatted images, movies, and sounds.

Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
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