Chapter 4. Arrays

    Section 4.0.  Introduction

    Recipe 4.1.  Specifying an Array Not Beginning at Element 0

    Recipe 4.2.  Storing Multiple Elements Per Key in an Array

    Recipe 4.3.  Initializing an Array to a Range of Integers

    Recipe 4.4.  Iterating Through an Array

    Recipe 4.5.  Deleting Elements from an Array

    Recipe 4.6.  Changing Array Size

    Recipe 4.7.  Appending One Array to Another

    Recipe 4.8.  Turning an Array into a String

    Recipe 4.9.  Printing an Array with Commas

    Recipe 4.10.  Checking if a Key Is in an Array

    Recipe 4.11.  Checking if an Element Is in an Array

    Recipe 4.12.  Finding the Position of a Value in an Array

    Recipe 4.13.  Finding Elements That Pass a Certain Test

    Recipe 4.14.  Finding the Largest or Smallest Valued Element in an Array

    Recipe 4.15.  Reversing an Array

    Recipe 4.16.  Sorting an Array

    Recipe 4.17.  Sorting an Array by a Computable Field

    Recipe 4.18.  Sorting Multiple Arrays

    Recipe 4.19.  Sorting an Array Using a Method Instead of a Function

    Recipe 4.20.  Randomizing an Array

    Recipe 4.21.  Removing Duplicate Elements from an Array

    Recipe 4.22.  Applying a Function to Each Element in an Array

    Recipe 4.23.  Finding the Union, Intersection, or Difference of Two Arrays

    Recipe 4.24.  Making an Object Act like an Array

    Recipe 4.25.  Program: Printing a Horizontally Columned HTML Table

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