Chapter 14. Consuming Web Services

    Section 14.0.  Introduction

    Recipe 14.1.  Calling a REST Method

    Recipe 14.2.  Calling a SOAP Method with WSDL

    Recipe 14.3.  Calling a SOAP Method Without WSDL

    Recipe 14.4.  Debugging SOAP Requests

    Recipe 14.5.  Using Complex SOAP Types

    Recipe 14.6.  Setting SOAP Types

    Recipe 14.7.  Using SOAP Headers

    Recipe 14.8.  Using Authentication with SOAP

    Recipe 14.9.  Redefining an Endpoint

    Recipe 14.10.  Catching SOAP Faults

    Recipe 14.11.  Mapping XML Schema Data Types to PHP Classes

    Recipe 14.12.  Calling an XML-RPC Method

    Recipe 14.13.  Using Authentication with XML-RPC

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