Chapter 10. Database Access

    Section 10.0.  Introduction

    Recipe 10.1.  Using DBM Databases

    Recipe 10.2.  Using an SQLite Database

    Recipe 10.3.  Connecting to an SQL Database

    Recipe 10.4.  Querying an SQL Database

    Recipe 10.5.  Retrieving Rows Without a Loop

    Recipe 10.6.  Modifying Data in an SQL Database

    Recipe 10.7.  Repeating Queries Efficiently

    Recipe 10.8.  Finding the Number of Rows Returned by a Query

    Recipe 10.9.  Escaping Quotes

    Recipe 10.10.  Logging Debugging Information and Errors

    Recipe 10.11.  Creating Unique Identifiers

    Recipe 10.12.  Building Queries Programmatically

    Recipe 10.13.  Making Paginated Links for a Series of Records

    Recipe 10.14.  Caching Queries and Results

    Recipe 10.15.  Accessing a Database Connection Anywhere in Your Program

    Recipe 10.16.  Program: Storing a Threaded Message Board

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