Chapter 9. Form

    Section 9.0.  Introduction

    Recipe 9.1.  Processing Form Input

    Recipe 9.2.  Validating Form Input: Required Fields

    Recipe 9.3.  Validating Form Input: Numbers

    Recipe 9.4.  Validating Form Input: Email Addresses

    Recipe 9.5.  Validating Form Input: Drop-Down Menus

    Recipe 9.6.  Validating Form Input: Radio Buttons

    Recipe 9.7.  Validating Form Input: Checkboxes

    Recipe 9.8.  Validating Form Input: Dates and Times

    Recipe 9.9.  Validating Form Input: Credit Cards

    Recipe 9.10.  Preventing Cross-Site Scripting

    Recipe 9.11.  Working with Multipage Forms

    Recipe 9.12.  Redisplaying Forms with Inline Error Messages

    Recipe 9.13.  Guarding Against Multiple Submission of the Same Form

    Recipe 9.14.  Processing Uploaded Files

    Recipe 9.15.  Preventing Global Variable Injection

    Recipe 9.16.  Handling Remote Variables with Periods in Their Names

    Recipe 9.17.  Using Form Elements with Multiple Options

    Recipe 9.18.  Creating Drop-Down Menus Based on the Current Date

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