Finishing the Arrangement

In the next several lessons you will work with MIDI, record both audio and MIDI into the Arrange window, and use DSP effects and automation to finish your song. Before going any further, take some time to explore the Loop Browser and the Apple Loops on your system. Add loops to your song, use the techniques you learned in the last few lessons to create an arrangement and, in general, have some fun! Make the song as long or as short as you want. When you've created a basic arrangement, continue to the next lesson.


Many Apple Loops share the same name, but with incrementing numbers at the end. Often, these Apple Loops are intended to work together to create changing musical phrases over time. For example, the House Return Piano 1013 Apple Loops sound very nice when lined up back to back in the same track. In fact, we used those loops to complete the arrangement.


Create a basic arrangement using Apple Loops from the Loop Browser.


Save your song.

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