Paging file, 223-29

defragmenting, 230

disabling, 224-25

location of, changing, 228-29

performance counters, 138

purpose of, 220, 223-24

size, adjusting, 226-28

Parental Controls, Network Store Interface service, 170

Passwords, 256-59

Account Lockout Policy, setting, 261-62

Administrator account security, 259-60

complex, benefits of, 257

guest account, renaming, 258-59

RoboForm add-on, 110

saved, removing, 301-2

stored, viewing, 301

user's account, changing, 257

PCMark05 Basic Edition, 149-51

PCMCIA cards, disabling and boot speedup, 163-64

Peer Name Resolution Protocol, 171

Peer Networking Grouping, 171

Peer Networking Identity Manager, 171

Performance counters. See Performance Monitor

Performance Information and Tools, Taskbar animations, disabling, 32

Performance Logs & Alerts, 171

Performance Monitor, 133-39

accessing, 134

performance counters, adding, 134-35

performance counters, saving setup, 138-39

problem detection indicators, 138

update interval, setting, 137-38

viewing data, methods, 135-37

Performance of system. See System performance monitoring

Performance Options

accessing, 207

animations, adjusting, 208-12

Performance Tab, Task Manager, 144

Permissions, setting for files/folders, 302-3

Personal folders, Start Panel, hiding, 18-19

Personalization screen, accessing, 67

Personalized menus, disabling, 30-31, 41

Pictures icon, removing from Start menu, 42

Pinning programs

adding to Start menu, 24-25

removed from Start menu, 42

Plug and Play, 171

Plug-ins, security cautions, 255

PNG image, Windows Sidebar background, 54-55

PNP-x IP Bus Enumerator, 171

PNRP Machine Name Publication, 171

Pointers. See Mouse cursors

Policies. See Group Policy Editor

Policy Agent, 171

Pop-up help, disabling, 27

Pop-ups, Internet Explorer settings, 106

Portable Device Enumerator, 171

Ports, security scans, 276-77

POST screen, 153

Prefetcher, 179

Preview pane, Explorer

customizing, 84

turning on/off, 84

Printers, multiple, accessing, 30

Print Spooler, 171


permissions, setting, 302-3

program list, clearing, 298-99

saved passwords, removing, 301-2

temporary files on hard drive, removing, 299-301

See also Internet Explorer 7 privacy

Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel Support, 171

Processes Tab

ending processes, 144

Task Manager, 143-44

Processor. See CPU

Program Compatibility Assistant, 171

Program highlights, disabling

Program list, clearing, 298-99

Protected Mode, 282

Protected Storage, 171

Hacking Windows Vista
Hacking Windows Vista: ExtremeTech
ISBN: 0470046872
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2007
Pages: 105
Authors: Steve Sinchak

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