Chapter 13. Creating Advanced Statistics Lists with the SAP Query Tool

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Creating a Basic List for Reference by Using the SAP Query Tool 170

Creating an Advanced Statistics List by Using the SAP Query Tool 172

Chapter 12, "Creating Simple Statistics Lists with the SAP Query Tool," covers how to create very basic statistical lists by using the SAP Query tool. This chapter takes that information to the next level, explaining how to create advanced statistical lists, which combine the functionality of calculated fields and statistical lists. If you are not comfortable with creating a basic list or a basic statistical list, you should practice the skills described in earlier chapters before proceeding.

Very often in report writing, it is most meaningful to view summarized data to make business decisions. This chapter uses the SAP IDES flight scheduling system as an example. Line item details, such as a basic list report displaying a list of scheduled flights for each day, are helpful for planning and being prepared for the day's schedule. However, sometimes it is helpful to analyze the average number of flights by each day of the week or to look at how many flights one airline had in each month of the year compared to another airline. Advanced statistics are ideal for this type of summarized data.

The following sections show the syntax to use within calculated fields and also show how you can use calculated fields in conjunction with statistics to provide a summarized statistics report. You will begin by creating a basic list report (as discussed in Chapter 3, "Creating Basic Reports with the SAP Query Tool)." This report will serve as detail data and will be used for reference only. Next, you will create an advanced statistics report that summarizes the detail data in four quarterly views, using calculated fields plus statistics.

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