Entering Formulas

To enter a formula in a cell, follow these steps:


Move the cursor to the desired cell.


Type = to start the formula.


Type the rest of the formula; remember to refer to specific cells by the "A1, B1, etc." cell reference.


Press Enter to accept the formula or press Esc to reject the formula.

When you're finished entering a formula, you no longer see the formula within the cell; instead, you see the results of the formula. For example, if you entered the formula =1+2, you now see the number 3 in the cell. To view the formula itself, just select the cell, and then look in the reference area in the lower-right corner of the spreadsheet window (shown in Figure 32).

Figure 32. Viewing the formula within a cellvia the spreadsheet reference area.

Using Google Spreadsheets
Using Google Spreadsheets
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