DTSRun Command

DTSRun Command

The DTSRun application (dtsrun.exe) can be used to manage packages from the Command Prompt. This application provides a command-line interface to run a DTS package immediately, delete a package stored in SQL Server or Meta Data Services, or load a package stored from SQL Server or Meta Data Services and store the package as an DTS structured storage file. This application is started from the command line by typing dtsrun in a Command Prompt window.

All of these different methods that run or schedule a DTS package for later execution support numerous options for logging the execution process to SQL Server, the Event log, or to external log files. Other actions can be triggered on successful completion or when errors occur including sending e-mail messages. In the proposed scenario for this chapter, it is appropriate to log the results of the execution process to the Event log and send e-mail to a system administrator.

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