Scheduling DTS Packages for Execution

Scheduling DTS Packages for Execution

Once the DTS package has been thoroughly tested for proper operation, it is appropriate to schedule the DTS package for regular execution. The DTS package can be scheduled for execution using the following methods:

  • SQL Server – scheduled for regular operation from within SQL Server
  • Windows 2000 Task Scheduler - scheduled for regular operation using the Windows Task Scheduler service.

The SQL Agent Service in SQL Server has the capabilities to schedule operations including the execution of DTS packages. As shown in the following illustration, the SQL Service supports the ability to schedule execution as a recurring job schedule on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

DTS packages can be scheduled for later execution in SQL Server using the Enterprise Manager or the DTS Run Utility for Windows. If the DTS package is to be scheduled for regular execution by SQL Server, then the DTS package should be saved to one of the internal SQL Server locations. If the DTS package is to be shared with other systems running SQL Server, then SQL Meta Data Services is the preferred location for saving the DTS package.

The Windows Task Scheduler is a general-purpose schedule service installed as part of Internet Explorer on Windows 2000. The Task Scheduler provides a COM-based programming interface and can be used to schedule tasks on local or remote computers. The Windows Task Scheduler offers more flexibility when scheduling a recurring job than the SQL Server scheduler. But in most circumstances, this greater flexibility is not needed.

In the scenario for this chapter, scheduling the execution of the DTS package in SQL Server would make sense. In order to not impact interactive users and the business applications on the AS/400, the DTS package can be scheduled to run once a day during late night hours.

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