Space Publishing

Space Publishing

As the size of an area becomes smaller and more detailed, several forces work together to discourage large providers from developing and maintaining navigable models (databases) that describe an area and the possibilities for mobility within the area. First, the work required to survey and validate a high-resolution model is very high. At the same time, the market is likely to be much smaller than for a global or national model. Finally, smaller features tend to change more often than large features so that the maintenance effort increases as the resolution of a model becomes more detailed, because it goes out of date more quickly than a large area. As a consequence, the party that is most financially motivated to maintain and offer a detailed model of a small space is the owner or administrator of the space. MSP 2.0 enables providers to publish information about a room, a building, a parking garage, or a city core in a way that allows interested travelers a standard access method for travel planning and guidance.

A space publishing server (SPS) combines all of the NSP functionality into a single low-cost server.

Space publishing

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