Mobility Service

Mobility Service

The Mobility service has three functions. The Plan function validates a specification for travel (Travel Request) and returns a token (Travel Plan) for use in other functions. The Review function requests information on characteristics of the travel represented by a Travel Plan such as route geometry, fuel consumption, directions, or travel time. The Guide function provides information and instructions to guide the maneuver to a destination.

The following table shows the function, description, and parameter schema location.

Function Description Parameter Schema Location
Plan The request schema defines the requirements of travel. This includes initial direction of travel, starting, intermediate, and destination points as well as mode of transport, cost and time restrictions, and specific requests such as to use a particular road. Different servers may have different capabilities and some may return a fault on a Select request that is too difficult.
  The response schema includes an identifier (Travel Plan) that can later be recognized by the server in Review and Guide requests.
Review The request schema defines a request for the characteristics of travel corresponding to a Travel. These characteristics include travel time, fuel use, sensitivity of travel to delays, and static travel directions.
  Schema defines the form of the returned requested information.
Guide The request schema defines a request for either synchronous (one response per request) or asynchronous (responses as needed sent without an additional request) delivery of maneuver information (commands, geometry, or landmark information) in the form of a schedule giving the predicted time and position where the information should be presented via the UI.
  The response schema defines the form of the maneuver schedule.

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