Host Integration Server 2000

It is estimated that 70 percent of all enterprise corporate data is stored on host systems such as IBM mainframe and AS/400 computers. However, corporations are increasing the use of Web and Windows-based applications because they are typically seen as easier to learn and use, and faster to implement than comparable host-based applications.

Migrating host-based data and applications to Windows systems can be costly. To preserve investments in legacy systems, organizations can use Microsoft Host Integration Server 2000 to integrate their host-based resources with Web and Windows-based solutions. Host Integration Server 2000 offers the following functionality:

  • Network Integration. Companies can use Host Integration Server 2000 to integrate their Windows and mainframe networks without custom programming. This integration includes features such as terminal emulation, and Host Print Services that provides server-based 3270 and 5250 printer emulation, in which mainframe data is sent to a Windows-based printer over a LAN.
  • Data Integration. Host Integration Server 2000 gives Windows computers the capability to access data in a mainframe database.
  • Application Integration. Applications running on Windows computers can communicate with certain applications that run on mainframe computers.

The following illustration shows the capabilities that Host Integration Server 2000 offers:

Host Integration Server 2000

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