Deploying Content Management Server

Deploying Content Management Server

Content Management Server provides two tools that can be used to help manage real-life deployment scenarios: Site Deployment Manager and Site Stager. Usually, content is developed and tested on one computer or set of computers, and then deployed to different computers that host the live Web site. Site Deployment Manager consists of sophisticated export and import functionality that can be used to easily duplicate a particular Content Management Server configuration from one computer to another.

Even if the dynamic construction of Web pages from page elements stored in a Content Management Server database will not work for all Web sites, such as when the live site is not hosted on Windows-based servers, the workflow features in Content Management Server that are related to role separation can still be employed. The Site Stager application can be used to create a static HTML (or ASP) version of the Content Management Server Web site.

Each of these tools is described in additional detail in the following sub-sections.

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