Managing Web Content

By Jim Christensen

Some Web sites on the Internet are much more focused on content than other sites, both in terms of volume of content and the timeliness of that content. Newspaper and periodical Web sites are perhaps the most extreme example of such content-intensive sites, often with new content being posted throughout the course of each day. Such sites often require highly specialized solutions. Short of such extremes, there are numerous other types of content-oriented Web sites out there, ranging from corporate Web sites to governmental information sites to entertainment sites to internal company sites. This chapter will focus on one of Microsoft's best solutions for this type of site: Microsoft Content Management Server. The chapter is divided into the following sections:

  • Scenario. This section further describes the business problem to be solved.
  • Solution. This section describes how Content Management Server can be used to solve this business problem.
  • Tools and Technology. This section focuses on the various tools and technologies involved in solving the business problem.
  • Implementation. This section drills deeper into select portions of the proposed solution to give the reader a sense of the level of technical expertise required in implementing the solution.

This chapter progresses from a high-level discussion of the business problem and Microsoft's solution to it to a more granular discussion of some coding examples in the Implementation section. If you are looking for more of an overview, you may want to skip the last section.

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