Clearly, anything close to a comprehensive discussion of the implementation of a retail Web site based on Commerce Server is far beyond the scope of this chapter. Instead, the final section of this chapter provides a taste of Commerce Server programming by comparing the code used for product catalog keyword searching in the Commerce Server 2000 Retail Solution Site and the equivalent functionality in the Commerce Server 2002 International Retail Site, which is included in the Commerce Server 2002 SDK. To be clear, product catalog keyword searching, also known as "free text" searching, maps to a SQL full-text search of the catalog databases. As mentioned earlier, the International Retail Site is based on ASP.NET, and thus differs significantly in its implementation approach. An overview, including annotated code excerpts from the Retail Solution Site, is presented first. Then, a similar tour of the approach used in the International Retail Site is presented.

Throughout the code excerpts used in the following subsections, italic text is used for annotations added here for clarity. Also, linefeeds have been added to the code in some places to avoid the reading difficulties associated with automatically wrapped lines of code. In an attempt to further enhance readability, the description of each routine also begins with a heading that contains the name of the routine.

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