.NET Framework

.NET Framework

The .NET framework forms the foundation for application development. Microsoft Visual Studio .NET provides the tool set used to build XML Web services and applications using the .NET Framework and a common object-oriented programming model.

There are three major goals for .NET Framework:

  • Simplify development of Web services and applications.
  • Provide a set of developer tools and libraries that work across programming languages and computing devices.
  • Make Microsoft Windows applications more reliable, secure, and easier to use.

Microsoft .NET Framework consists of a development environment which includes five key technologies:

  • Visual Studio .NET development environment built from the ground up for XML Web services.
  • Common language runtime that hosts running applications.
  • Class libraries.
  • Programming languages that make use of the common language runtime and class libraries.
  • Microsoft ASP.NET for developing Web applications and Web services.
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Microsoft .NET Server Solutions for the Enterprise
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