Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware and Software Requirements

This section is a generalized list of the hardware and software requirements of the system as shown in the figure above. This items listed represent the minimum requirements necessary. The actual number of installations required depends on many factors, such as the number of users on the system, the number of documents being generated, the number of trading partners involved, and other variables.

Microsoft uses both Web-based and Windows-based end-user client/server applications.

  • Web-based applications such as MS Market are accessed by the end-user (client) using a computer running a Windows Operating System and a Web browser, specifically Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later.
  • The server component of the Web-based application uses a computer running Windows 2000 Server. Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) is included with the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server products. Extensive Web programming may be involved using Active Server Pages, CGI scripts, or other techniques. Microsoft Commerce Server and Microsoft SQL Server can be used to create this part of the application.
  • Windows applications can be created using a variety of tools and languages available with Microsoft Visual Studio .
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