File Transfer

File Transfer

Referring once more to the figure above, notice that after the business application has created a business document (such as a purchase order), it is placed into either a Microsoft Messaging queue or a file share point. The absolute minimum requirement is a computer running Windows 2000 Server with Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) installed and shared folders configured.

Files are then pulled from the queue and shared folder into either BizTalk Server or GENTRAN. At the same time, transactions are tracked and a history database is updated. In order to do this:

  • Microsoft has created a custom Visual Basic application that monitors the message queue and the shared folder, pulls all files that have been placed there, and delivers them to BizTalk Server or GENTRAN.
  • This application also interfaces with Microsoft SQL Server to track the transaction and to keep a transaction history database.
  • This application creates alert messages for events, such as when files are placed in the shared folder, or when shared folder space is low.

Another file transfer method is used in the specific case of integrating SAP systems with BizTalk Server. For a complete description of integrating SAP systems with BizTalk Server and the BizTalk Server Adapter for SAP, see the online documentation for BizTalk Adapter for SAP.

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