Additional Resources

For more information on IIS, see the following resources:

  1. Appendix H, "Code-Page Support for Microsoft Windows 2000 and Microsoft Windows XP." Reference material that explains code-page support, which IIS uses for encoding-related operations.
  2. Appendix C, "Table of Locales Mapped to Code Pages." Reference information that discusses matching locale IDs to languages and code pages. This matching might be needed, for example, if you want to guarantee that locale-specific data can be displayed in the selected encoding.
  3. . "Scalable Hosting Solution Overview." Gives an overview of an Internet Server Application Programming Interface (ISAPI) application used in an Internet Service Provider (ISP) hosting environment.
  4. . "Developing International Database Applications Using MS SQL Server." Provides database developers with a comprehensive guide on building Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 database applications for international use.
  5. . Ebben, Sjoert, and Gwyneth Marshall. "The Localization Process: Globalizing YourCode and Localizing Your Site." April 1999. Gives an overview of some of the difficulties involved in localization, various steps in the process, and some tips and tricks.
  6. . Ebben, Sjoert, and Gwyneth Marshall. "Designing a Globalized and Localizable WebSite." August 1999. Discusses the specifics of creating a globalized and localizable Web site. Gives tips about code-page decisions, layered graphics, content mechanisms, and an understanding of how HTML and cascading style sheets (CSS) can be used in globalization.
  7. Meade, John. "Using ASP to Internationalize Your Web Pages on Windows 2000." March 2000. Explains how to take advantage of the Windows 2000 and ASP language- support features mentioned earlier-by describing five scenarios.
  8. . "Developing an International Site." December 2000. Describes best practices for supporting multiple languages and currencies when developing a Web site for an international audience, with the goal of making it easy for your customers to change language or currency at any time without losing context.
  9. Pollack, Seth."International Active Server Pages." April 1997. Offers good reference material about how IIS performed in early releases.
  10. Clinick, Andrew."It's All Greek to Me." August 1999. Discusses how Microsoft VBScript 5 introduced features to address internationalization.
  11. "Charset Property." Talks about matching up charsets to code pages.
  12. "Character Set Recognition." Contains information about the character sets supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, including the friendly name, aliases, minimum operating system, and the code page that supports specific character sets.
  13. Kaplan, Michael. "Go Global: Designing Your ASP-based Web Site to Support Globalization." July 2000. Examines the Trigeminal Software site, which has pages localized into approximately 48 languages. Contains information on which database to use for storing dynamic content, whether to use static or dynamic pages, and how to implement localized solutions on both Windows NT 4 and Windows 2000.

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