NO BOOK CAN BE published by the author alone, and I am extremely grateful for the multitude of people who helped me with this one.

The order in which I thank people is not significant, except for those that come first. By far, my family has made the biggest sacrifice to allow me to complete this. Benjamin, Hanna, and (most recently) Abigail often had a Daddy distracted by this book, but Elisabeth suffered even more so. She was often left to take care of things, holding the family's world together on her own. Thanks honey!

Many technical editors reviewed each chapter in minute detail to ensure technical accuracy. I was often amazed by the subtle errors that these folks still managed to catch:

Paul Bramsman

Doug Dechow

Gerard Frantz

Anson Horton

Angelika Langer

Nicholas Paldino

Narendra Poflee

Jon Skeet

Michael Stokesbary

John Timney

Stephen Toub

In particular, Michael was a huge help in editing the technical content and serving as a sounding board as I was putting the material together, not to mention his invaluable friendship. I am also especially grateful to the C# MVPs (Nicholas and John), who know the language in certain areas second only to those on the C# team.

Thanks also to all those at Addison-Wesley, for their patience in working with me in spite of my frequent focus everywhere except on the manuscript. Thanks to:

Sheri Cain

Jessica D'Amico

Curt Johnson

Joan Murray

Stephane Nakib

Ann Wells

I especially appreciated Ann's frequent guidance and encouragement, starting back when the book was first suggested.

Prashant Sridharan, from Microsoft's Developer Division, was the one who got me started on this, and he provided me with an incredible jump-start on the material. Thanks Prashant!

Essential C# 2.0
Essential C# 2.0
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