Project Goals

We've taken on a project in which a local author is publishing some of his short essays and wants them to look artistic. He's a big fan of translucency effects, so he wants to see them used in his designs. Specifically:

  • We are to use a sunrise picture for the first essay, "Mourning in Mansfield." This will include a dark shade over the background behind the title and a lightening effect over the background behind the essay's main text.

  • For the essay "Gathering Stormclouds," we'll be using a picture of clouds at sunset. For this one, the title will have a lightening effect for the background, while the main text will have a darkened background and light text.

The author is supplying the images, so fortunately we don't have to worry about acquiring them. All we really have to do is pull a little sleight of style to get the translucency effects our client has requested.

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