9.3 Write a unit test

9.3 Write a unit test

9.3.1 Basic tactic

Write a test that invokes a procedure in question and compares its result or side effects with an expected result that is embedded in the test procedure.

9.3.2 Purpose

Determine whether a specific procedure is functioning as you expect it should.

9.3.3 Questions answered

  • What inputs does a procedure accept?

  • What results does a procedure compute?

  • What side effects does a procedure cause?

  • What exceptions does a procedure activate?

  • What outputs does a procedure display?

9.3.4 Potential problems

Complex procedures may require many unit tests to test thoroughly. Knowing when you have a complete set can be difficult.

9.3.5 Refined tactics

  1. Copy code you have inserted into the procedure as debugging infrastructure into unit tests.

  2. Copy code you executed in a debugger to exercise the procedure into unit tests.

9.3.6 Related tactics

Use a unit testing framework such as JUnit. Unit testing frameworks for many other programming languages are also available. See our Website for further information.

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