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You can drag a Photoshop document directly to a Web page document in GoLive. The Save for Web dialog box appears, where you can optimize the document for the Web. The fastest way to optimize in the Save for Web dialog box is to choose a preset from the Preset pop-up menu before you start changing individual optimization settings. You might find that one of the presets already works well for your image. If none of the presets is quite right, you can choose the most appropriate one and then change individual optimization settings to get exactly what you want. For more details on the Save for Web dialog box, see Chapter 13, where I describe preserving Photoshop transparency for GoLive.

When you import a Photoshop document into GoLive, it becomes a smart object in GoLive. To update the Photoshop document that's in GoLive, simply double-click it to open the original document in Photoshop. When you're done editing, save the document in Photoshop and when you switch back to GoLive, the Web version is automatically updatednow that's smart.

When generating data-driven Web pages using GoLive, you can use a Photoshop docu- ment as a template if you've defined variables in the document (see Chapter 20).

You can't import a GoLive HTML document or Web site into Photoshop directly, because Photoshop isn't a Web browser. To show a Web page in a Photoshop document, your best bet is to load the GoLive page in a Web browser, take a screen shot of the Web browser window, and then open the screen shot in Photoshop.

In the Save for Web dialog box, always click the Image Size tab and make sure the pixel dimensions fit on your Web page. Many Photoshop documentsparticularly those coming straight from a digital camerahave pixel dimensions that are too large for a Web page. If you adjust the image size, be sure to click the Apply button, otherwise your changes won't affect the exported Web graphic.

Working Smart in Adobe Photoshop CS2
Working Smart in Adobe Photoshop CS2
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