Creating a Menu

Your online address book will contain several actions, so it makes sense to create a menu for your links. Listing 19.1 creates a simple menu for all the scripts you will create in this chapter, called mymenu.html.

Listing 19.1. Address Book Menu
  1: <html>  2: <head>  3: <title>My Address Book</title>  4: </head>  5: <body>  6: <h1>My Address Book</h1>  7:  8: <P><strong>Management</strong>  9: <ul> 10: <li><a href="addentry.php">Add an Entry</a> 11: <li><a href="delentry.php">Delete an Entry</a> 12: </ul> 13: 14: <P><strong>Viewing</strong> 15: <ul> 16: <li><a href="selentry.php">Select a Record</a> 17: </ul> 18: </body> 19: </html> 

Figure 19.1 shows the output of Listing 19.1. You'll tackle each of these items in order, starting with "Add an Entry" in the next section.

Figure 19.1. Address book menu.

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