Chapter 8. Technical Administration



  • Basic Plone Administration

  • Backing Up Your Plone Site

  • Caching Elements in Plone

  • Using Plone with Other Applications

  • Troubleshooting

In this chapter, you'll learn some of the basics for keeping your Plone site running smoothly. Additionally, you'll see how to change some of the more technically oriented preferences within Plone, such as indicating on which ports you want Plone to run and how and when to access SMTP servers.

Beyond the very basic sections on technical settings and optimization methods such as content and object caching, this chapter also provides a crash course on running Plone with other web servers, such as Apache and Microsoft IIS. Having Apache or Microsoft serve as the front end for this "new" technology can go a long way toward implementing Plone within your existing corporate infrastructure, if you're being met with resistance.

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