Special thanks to Mel, who got me into this blogging thing in the first place, and for everyone on my blogrollwithout your posts to read, my days would be quite boring indeed. Special shout-outs for (but not limited to) Dr. B, PJM, Kathy R, Rana, Geeky Mom, Rhonda, Michelle P, Caleb, Suzan H, BrightStar, Mac, Phantom Scribbler, PZ Myers, Profgrrrrl, kmsqrd, Scribblingwoman, Scrivener, Seeker, Curtis, Stag, Juice, and GZombie.

Of course, this book would be nothing without Blogger and the good folks at Pyra Labs who built it, Google who bought it, and the current Blogger team for their continued efforts in making it a wonderful blogging platform.

Great thanks especially to all the editors and layout folks at Sams who were involved with this book for all their hard work in seeing this through! Thanks as always to everyone at i2i Interactive for their never-ending support and encouragement.

Blogging in a Snap
Blogging in a Snap (Sams Teach Yourself)
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