Chapter 7. Additional Blogging Tools


42 Using Blogrolls

43 Implementing Affiliation Links, Personal Lists, or Ads

44 Creating a Moblog

45 Creating an Audioblog

46 Using the Blogger NavBar

47 Using BlogThis! Add-Ons

48 Using Blogger for Word

This chapter consists of a several topics related to extending the basic content of your blog. For instance, after creating a list of other blogs you enjoy reading, you can share these on your blog so that others can learn about them. In turn, other readers' lists of links inevitably include a link to you and the cycle of readership continues to grow. Perhaps you want to show your affiliation with a particular blogging platform, blog tool, web browser, sports team, whateveryou'll learn where to find graphics and how to place links in your sidebar to show your support. Want to provide your readers with a list of items you're currently reading or listening to? You'll learn where to find tools to manage such lists. You'll even learn how to register for and implement affiliation and advertising programs, leveraging your content to perhaps bring in a little cash. Additionally, as if the concept of blogging with the typed word weren't enough, you'll read up on how to create a moblog (photos) and an audioblog (your voice).

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