We had a large review team. We'd like to thank Jim Arlow for rescuing you from our more tortured attempts at humor; Conrad Bock for acting as the UML Policeman (we respect his authoritay); Krzysztof Czarnecki for ensuring that we related MDA to the Generative Programming movement and providing detailed comments, some of which we lifted directly; Andy Evans for making us distinguish automated refinement from manual elaboration and otherwise keeping us honest; Joaquin Miller for his gentle (if annoyingly difficult) questions, especially in the area of metamodeling; Ulf Schreier for some high-level reorganization; Richard Soley for keeping our eyes on the ball; and John Wolfe for pointing out some high-level flaws in our arguments, and his detailed comments, some of which we also borrowed directly.

As for getting the book from concept to production, we'd like to thank Mary O'Brien, our acquisitions editor, for playing a multifaceted role, one of which involves buying lunch at Davio's; Brenda Mulligan, who resolved important details as the material was readied for publication; Lynda D'Arcangelo, our copy editor, who removed repetition, scrubbed the language one more time, removed repetition, and has a fine sense of humor (she needed it sometimes); and Elizabeth Ryan, production coordinator, who was responsible for all matters from copyedit through bound books, and who was (somehow) able to work with Kendall.

And yes, having the last word now, it was a pleasure to work with such a multicontinental team, despite the near impossibility of scheduling a teleconference.

Stephen J. Mellor
Sydney, Australia

Kendall Scott
Harrison, Tennessee

Axel Uhl
Freiburg, Germany

Dirk Weise
Freiburg, Germany

MDA Distilled. Principles of Model-Driven Architecture
MDA Distilled. Principles of Model-Driven Architecture
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