Checklist 2: Preparing the Room, Both Front and Back

(Check the following well before the audience arrives.)


  • _____ Is the volume and tone adequate?

  • _____ Are there feedback or radio frequency issues?

  • _____ Will you be sharing a microphone with the person who speaks immediately before you?

  • _____ If sharing a mike, how long you will have to make the transfer of equipment?


  • _____ Does the lighting illuminate you in the best possible manner?

  • _____ Are there dark voids in the speaking area?

  • _____ If the lighting will be adjusted for your presentation, where are the dimmers/switches?

  • _____ If the lights will be adjusted as you speak, who will assist you with the task?


  • _____ Have you supplied a printed, large-type printout for your introducer?

  • _____ Have you verified that the introducer can pronounce troublesome words?

  • _____ Have you determined if the introducer will wait center stage for you to arrive at center stage?

Room setup

  • _____ Is the room a comfortable temperature?

  • _____ Are the seats arranged for an optimum speaking environment?

  • _____ If you are the only speaker, have you arranged the room to suit your needs?

  • _____ Have you taped off the last few rows of seats to "encourage" attendees to sit at the front?

  • _____ Is your lectern properly set up with any material you may need as you speak?

Back-of-the-room setup

  • _____ If you have resources to sell, have you set the table in a high-traffic area?

  • _____ Do you have appropriate signage?

  • _____ Are prices clearly marked on individual items and multi-item packages?

  • _____ Do you have an assistant who can help with sales?

  • _____ Will an assistant be able to watch your table to prevent "five-finger discounts"?

  • _____ Do you have free items on the table to encourage traffic?

The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters
The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters
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