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the seven strategies of master presenters
The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters
by Brad McRae and David Brooks ISBN:1564147444
Career Press 2004

These strategies will help anyone develop the presentation strategies and skills exemplified by those interviewed in this book, for a one-on-one presentation, a sales call, a talk to a small group, or a speech to an audience of one thousand or more.

Table of Contents
The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters
Strategy 1 - Know Thy Audience
Strategy 2 - Prepare Outstanding Content
Strategy 3 - Use Superior Organization
Strategy 4 - Develop Dynamic Delivery
Strategy 5 - Make It Memorable, Actionable, and Transferable
Strategy 6 - Manage Yourself, Difficult Participants, and Difficult Situations
Strategy 7 - Total Quality Improvement
Conclusion - The Power of Lifelong Learning
Appendix A - The Who's Who of Master Presenters
Appendix B - References
Appendix C - The Master Negotiator's Preparation Form
Appendix D - Checklists
Chapter Notes
List of Figures
List of Exercises
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The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters
The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters
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