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strategiesthat win sales: best practices of the world’s leading organizations
StrategiesThat Win Sales: Best Practices of the World’s Leading Organizations
by Mark Marone and Seleste Lunsford ISBN:0793188601
Dearborn Financial Publishing 2005 (249 pages)

From an in-depth analysis of 17 of the world’s leading organizations, this book explores how major market challenges are being addressed and overcome by the various strategies developed and implemented by sales organizations.

Table of Contents
Strategies that Win Sales—Best Practices of the World’s Leading Organizations
Chapter 1 - Challenges Facing Today’s Sales Organizations
Chapter 2 - Expanding Multichannel Strategies
Chapter 3 - Examining the Deployment of Sales Resources
Chapter 4 - Leveraging Technologies For Sales Success
Chapter 5 - Adopting a Consultative Selling Approach
Chapter 6 - Reskilling the Sales Force
Chapter 7 - Redefining Sales Management
Chapter 8 - Creating a Culture for Winning Sales
Chapter 9 - Customers’ Demands For More—Buying Behaviors and Attitudes
Chapter 10 - Conclusion
Appendix A - Five Roles for Successful Sales—A Search for the Indicators of Sales Success
Appendix B - Salesperson Competency Assessment
Appendix C - Sales Manager Assessment
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Strategies That Win Sales. Best Practices of the World's Leading Organizations
Strategies That Win Sales: Best Practices of the Worlds Leading Organizations
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