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1 We thank Brendan Neil of http://www.surfyn.com for conducting this study.

2 Upon inquiry it emerged that one respondent had actually bought a car worth $40,000 online. This was a special edition vehicle available from a reputable overseas outlet and such high value hedonic purchases are not atypical. Indeed, some Ducati motorbikes are only available via the web.

3 See WAEcC (2000). Full report available from the Centre for Electronic Commerce and Internet Studies, Murdoch University, Perth, Australia 6150.

4 Credit for much of the code base is due to a Murdoch University student project group, Neutral Multimedia (Alvin Chan, John Darrington, Sean Grosse, Luie Matthee, Brenton McArthur, Luke Thin and Tony Yiu). Vickie Williams of Vickie Williams Computing also provided the original prototype.

5 Kotler et al. (2001) have suggested that Brisbane rename itself as "Beachtown", an eventuality considered unlikely to occur. For experimental purposes however this name was adopted due to its generality in an Australian context, and Beachtown is modeled on a composite of actual locations.

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Advanced Topics in End User Computing (Vol. 3)
Advanced Topics in End User Computing, Vol. 3
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