Chapter 1. Online Socializing Basics

WELCOME TO WEB 2.0the everywhere, all-the-time, multimedia, multidevice, downloadable and uploadable, user-driven Internet. Although many of us may not be aware of all the Web's capabilities these days, rest assured that our teens are. Not only have they figured out Web 2.0, but they're also among its most experienced producers, videographers, DJs, VJs, publishers, podcasters, and mobloggers (mobile bloggers).

Of course, teenagers aren't necessarily aware of all the Web knowledge they possess. They don't really think about whether they're creating multimedia and socializing online or offline. They just produce and socialize, using tools that happen to involve the Internet, such as instant messaging, blogs, chat, texting on phones, and social networking.

MySpace Unraveled. A Parent's Guide to Teen Social Networking from the Directors of BlogSafety. com
MySpace Unraveled: A Parents Guide to Teen Social Networking
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