Section E.15. zap

E.15. zap

The Zaptel interfaces allow Asterisk to interact via a physical medium, either analog or digital. This may include telephones, analog PSTN connections, or digital circuits such as T-1/E-1 circuits.

zap destroy channel

 zap destroy channel   channel_number   

Immediately removes a channel, whether or not it is in use.

 zap destroy channel 1 

zap show cadences

Displays the configuration of the various ring cadences (ring tones) Asterisk has configured for an analog circuit (FXS).

zap show channel

 zap show channel   channel_number   

Displays extended information about a particular Zaptel channel.

 zap show channel 1 

zap show channels

Lists all Zaptel channels and their associated extensions, languages, and default Music on Hold classes.

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