RotateTransformHierarchy: DependencyObject Freezable Animatable Transform

         <RotateTransform             Center="0,0"             Angle="45" /> 


     <RotateTransform             Angle="45" >             <RotateTransform.Center>                 <Point X="0" Y="0" />             </RotateTransform.Center>         </RotateTransform> 

<RotateTransform .../> describes a rotation around a point, based on the specified angle. Figure 11-1 shows the result of applying a 45-degree rotation to a Rectangle (Example 11-3).

Figure 11-1. Rectangle and rotated rectangle comparison


Angle (optional)

This Double value describes the angle of rotation.

Center (optional)

This Point describes the point around which the element is rotated.

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