PolylineHierarchy: UIElement FrameworkElement Shape StretchableShape

Type: Shape

     <Polyline         Points="10,100 50,10 100,150"         Stroke="Black"         StrokeThickness="4" /> 


     <Polyline         Stroke="Black"         StrokeThickness="4">         <Polyline.Points>            <Point X="10" Y="100" />            <Point X="50" Y="10" />            <Point X="100" Y="50" />         </Polyline.Points>     </Polyline> 

<Polyline .../> draws a series of connected lines (Figure 9-12). Because Polyline is not a closed shape, the Fill attribute has no effect, even if you close the shape. To draw a closed series of lines you can fill, use the Polygon shape.

Figure 9-12. Polyline


Points (required)

A series of points describing the vertices of the Polyline. Points can be described in XAML as a space-delimited list of comma-separated x- and y-coordinate pairs as inline markup or as a series of Point elements.

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